Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack + Activation Code 2022

Ontrack EasyRecovery

Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack is a powerful application for recovering lost and deleted files on hard drives, optical drives, and removable storage devices. As well as recovering lost or damaged drives, the software can also be used to recover formatted drives. The wizard guides you through the setup process of the program, which is particularly useful for beginners. In the case of data loss, Ontrack EasyRecovery is the right solution, whether it’s on a hard drive, an external storage device, or a memory device. SD and CF cards.

Optical media such as CDs, DVDs, digital cameras, MP3 players, smartphones, or RAID systems can be connected via USB or Firewire with MMC. If you choose to recover your data from hard drives, you can select which volume to scan. In addition, several predefined recovery scenarios are available, including exploring valid volumes in Explorer-like interfaces, finding deleted files, and recovering data from formatted drives.

You will need to use the right set of tools for imaging and disk manipulation as well as diagnose disk problems related to bad blocks during the process. It may take some time while the tool scans each volume block in detail. You can review configuration settings made up to that point during the restore process, and then return if you wish to change or continue. You can browse through the restored files using the Windows Explorer interface while the scanning task is paused.

Importance Of Ontrack EasyRecovery

In View thumbnails, extract logs to get more information, choose which files you want to save to disk, and view details about each item such as name, size, date modified, and file system with Ontrack EasyRecovery Latest Version. In Ontrack EasyRecovery Apk, you can recover email data, view subject, sender, and other details, and print them or save them. Supports the following programs.

Besides its powerful restore functions, it also allows you to view detailed information about each disk, such as volume size, file system capacity, and free space, as well as create fixed-size VHD files or dynamic ones. Outlook Express Outlook Eudora Mozilla Becky! Internet Mail and Windows Live Mail. The system also allows you to print and export reports as well as check the properties of selected disks, for example, in plain text format. Block number, size, partition type, and name identifier.

To speed up the scanning process and reduce the number of files detected on large drives, you can limit the scanning process to a specific range of drives. You can ignore the file system blocks for a given volume. You can also enable automatic file detection. Ontrack EasyRecovery has different plans and ignores all errors during scanning. You can choose from different erasing modes, such as typing zeros or random numbers. Recuva and Stellar Data Recovery are also very similar.

Cost Of Ontrack EasyRecovery

Although it is free, the free plan only provides 1GB of data recovery, so it is only useful for one-time restores. Windows and macOS Home and Professional plans come with more useful features, such as recovering from infected drives and recovering from damaged CDs and DVDs. Server. Higher-tier plans are more expensive, but the Home Professional Premium and Tech plans are very affordable.

A Premium or Technician package costs more and is available for Windows and macOS if you want more advanced data recovery features. Additionally, these plans allow you to create clones of your hard drives or SSDs and repair corrupted photos and videos. Using this technical sketch, you can recover data from fault-tolerant storage drives and advanced RAID volumes. The sketch comes with a commercial license.

It performs all the recovery functions that are available with other plans, but it also works with any device type and can even recover corrupted Linux files. The toolkit plan is available on WinYaln*zca dows maliyeti. In general, Ontrack EasyRecovery offers an intuitive approach to recovering deleted files and advanced features.

Ontrack EasyRecovery


  • Data recovery was performed extremely quickly and thoroughly.
  • It offers a wide range of technical options.
  • Secure-delete functionality is included.
  • Disk recovery via mail-in is provided by Ontrack.


  • The previewer is not built-in.
  • Creating an image of a failing disk is not possible.

What’s New? 

  • A faster and more advanced scanning engine added
  • In addition, other improvements and bug fixes have been made
  • The introduction of a new elegant, intuitive, and modern interface
  • Enhanced layout options and resizable interface

Ontrack EasyRecovery Features Include:

  • This feature allows users to recover data, repair files, and diagnose disks in an advanced manner.
  • A complete set of features is included with EasyRecovery Professional
  • With EasyRecovery DataRecovery, SimpleRecovery FileRepair, and SimpleRecovery EmailRepair, you can repair your data in simpler ways.
  • With Ontrack Data Advisor, you can perform superior disk diagnostics.
  • Enhanced search functionality for file types.
  • In addition to recovering all file types, EasyRecovery Professional also offers raw features to recover 290 additional file types, including documents, MIDI music, voice files, digital media, and more!
  • By using viewer features, you can view the file as you would in a native application

System Requirements: 

  • It is recommended that you use Windows 7/8/10
  • The amount of RAM is 512MB
  • The monitor is an SVGA display
  • There is 1 GB of free space on the HDD
  • It is recommended to use an Intel processor with a speed of 1GHz or faster

How to Install?  

  • Firstly, don’t forget to download the setup file
  • Secondly, open the file and run it
  • Also, click the next button in the wizard
  • After that, press the finish button to complete the process

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