Recuva Pro 1.58 Crack Activator Keygen Patch Download 2022

Recuva Pro 1.58

Recuva Pro 1.58 Crack is a data recovery software developed by Piriform for Windows. In addition to recovering files deleted from USB drives, memory cards, and MP3 players, the Recuva App can also be used to recover files that have been permanently deleted and marked as free space by the operating system. Venues have described the Recuva App.

Files sent or deleted for recycling in the past can be retrieved or saved with Com. It can be run on FAT and NTFS file systems. As of version 1.5.1, it can also recover files from Ext2 and Ext3 file systems and can recover lost directory structures and rename files automatically when two files have the same name.

If you are trying to recover a particular file, such as a picture, a document, a video, compressed archives, emails, or something else, you can specify its last known location and type. It is possible to configure Recuva to look for a media card or iPod in the Documents Trash or any other custom location and system or on every connected device.

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Previously, if you attempted to recover related files but were unsuccessful, you can enable Recuva Deep Scan, which is a longer full scan. It takes just a few clicks to use Recuva without having to go through the simple wizard. Users can select the driver scan mode by file or content and file type. In addition, by checking the chip color when the results are displayed, you can determine the file’s current status.

In the green color, perfect is displayed, in the orange color, weak is displayed, and in the red color, unrecoverable is displayed. Additionally, you can view useful information about each file, including the size, last modified date, access time, comments, offset allocated sets, and several overwritten sets. If the output destination is on the same drive and the file is large and in good condition, restoring the file can take a long time.

This reduces the chances of a successful restore according to Recuva’s Latest Version. The files can also be overwritten so that they will be removed completely. However, this does not always work on files with red dots. Recuva will let you know if the operation worked. The software changes the status of the overwritten file to unrecoverable if you use Recuva Apk to securely delete overwritten files.

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The software offers both a free and a low-cost professional version. You can still view the contents of the files and you can also recover them. There is no need to worry about losing files if you don’t care about losing them less than our two Editor Choices in this category.

It is very fast and uses a fair amount of system memory except for deep scanning. It is also very similar to OnTrack EasyRecovery and Stellar Data Recovery. There is no quick access to a help file, and online assistance requires Piriform’s priority support account.

Among the top picks in this software category, Recuva offers instant file recovery solutions. I recommend you download Recuva’s latest version and install it so you can check out its services yourself. Although Recuva isn’t as powerful as more expensive data recovery software, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.



  • We offer low prices.
  • You can download the free version here.
  • The design of the interface is exceptionally clear.
  • Screenshot of the preview.


  • The recovery of as many files as there are expensive competitors is impossible.
  • Long scan times are associated with deep scans.

What’s New In Recuva Pro 1.58?

  • The user interface has undergone a few minor changes.
  • Fixes a few bugs as well.
  • As a result of the recovery process, it was faster.

Features Recuva:

  • You cannot delete certain files on your computer.
  • In case of damaged or formatted drives, recovery is possible.
  • Analysis of the most profound kind.
  • Email recovery from deleted files.
  • This is the quickstart wizard.
  • You can recover deleted music from your iPod by following these instructions.
  • The ability to restore unsaved Word documents.
  • Remove files you want to delete forever in a safe and secure manner.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7\8\10 or later   
  • It is recommended to use a dual-core processor at 2.0 GHz or a single-core processor at 2.8GHz or 300 MHz.  
  • RAM: 256 MB   
  • HDD: 30 MB free space   
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels, High Color or True Color

How to Install Recuva Pro?

  • Firstly, install Recuva by downloading it or loading it from a DVD.
  • Secondly, an installation wizard will appear after you run the file.
  • Thirdly, continue by clicking the next button.
  • Furthermore, accept the license agreement.
  • Don’t forget to click the next button as well. 
  • Complete the installation by clicking the finish button.

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